Personal Data


N. Klaver

Given name


Date of Birth






City of residence


Telephone (mobile)

+31 (0)6 11 347478

Education and training

Oracle WSG and Business Services

Oracle - Michael Kube

OneWorld Maintaining C Business Functions

Oracle - Reading, UK

OneWorld Interoperability

JDEdwards - Stokenchurch, UK

OneWorld Developer Immersion B7.3.3.1

JDEdwards - Frankfurt, Germany

Oracle Designer 2000

5hart - Utrecht

Higher Professional Education Computer Science (HBO)

Hogeschool Limburg

Intermediate business education Administration (MEAO)

Walram College Sittard

Higher General Secondary Education (HAVO)

College Sittard



Noud Klaver IT-Services


Cadran Consultancy


Getronics PeopleSoft Business Solutions


RAET IT-Services



Support for the internal JDE organization on a recurring basis (1 to 5 days a week depending on necessity) and development of new functionality.

Bruynzeel Storage
Incidental report changes, development of new functionality and fixes in the standard JDEdwards software (ESU's)

Royal Talens
Incidental support with the upgrade to e900 in relation to historical customazations in Xe version.
TUI Travelunie
Development of an financial interface with a external system. Support for the developers of TUI themself with their development work

Local government of the city Tilburg
Periodical support with the development of additional modules for the GFS system. F.i. the new modules: "City development planning" , "Ground sales" en "Rental and hereditary tenure".

ABF Bearings
Application to support the use of PDA and scanners in the warehouse. Multiple modifications in the purchasing and sales process. Also recurring support of functional consultants with issues.

Econosto Nederland
Support on a scheduled base with several projects. F.i.:
Bulk item creation and validation;
Retrofits after Esu's and updates;
Web Service Gateway (WSG) modifications.
2006 Burg Groep
Data conversion of their legacy system into JDEdwards 8.11.
2006 Vespro Motion
Modifications on several applications and reports.
2005 Shimano Europe
Created warehouse software to process transactions made with handheld scanners realtime with JDEdwards.
Collected technical information to support the functional consultants with their cases at the JDEdwards helpdesk.
2004 Regifarm
Made an interface to process master data from the z-index into OneWorld.
2003 OPG Groothandel
Major implementation of JDEdwards. F.i. modifications on the price schedule (Advanced Pricing) and an interface with the warehouse management software of Methec.
2003 Romi Smilfood
Modifications in Purchase, Sales, Production and Forecasting to unveil the effects of trade contracts (raw materials) on the Purchase- and Sales contracts in JDEdwards OneWorld Xe 8.0.
2002 Yazaki Automotive
Several modifications. Layout and processing of EDI messages.
2002 Beurtvaartadres
Debugging, fixing and modification of standard applications f.i. CSMS.
2002 Heemskerk - Pre-prepared vegetables
Interfaces with warehouse to process transactions into OneWorld.
2001 Royal Talens
Implementation of Xe release. Developed several applications and reports and solved issues in customizations and standard functionality. Stayed involved in Adhoc support on multiple issues until 2008.
2001 Gemeentelijke Dienst Afvalverwerking Amsterdam (GDA)
Layout modifications to prepare documents for a matrix printer. Modifications on the processing of reminders.
2001 Hauseman en Hötte (Nederlandse Spellen Fabriek / Jumbo)
Upgrade from b732 to Xe. Redesign of customizations.
2000 Van Dijk Food Products
Involved as a programmer in the implementation of JDEdwards OneWorld Xe. Made several modifications in the manufacturing and sales modules. Also reports, interfaces, bug fixes and retrofits after installation of esu's and updates.
1999 Getronics Gemeentelijk Financieel Systeem (GFS)
Development of two new modules "Remissions" and "Running Accounts" for the Getronics local government solution.
1999 Randstad uitzendburo
Financial reports with JDEdwards Financial Report Writer (FRW).
1998 KPN Telecom ESN
Millennium project with Oracle Forms and SQL.